Trailer For Shudder's FROM BLACK Raises Absolute Hell

How far would YOU go to -- uh, OK, that might be TOO far.

By FANGORIA Staff · March 22, 2023, 2:09 PM EDT

Here's the thing about summoning demonic forces: it almost always ends poorly.

Such certainly seems to be the case for the characters at the heart of Thomas Marchese's From Black, an exceptionally creepy-looking horror film headed to Shudder at the end of next month. Here's an official plot synopsis:

"A young mother, crushed by guilt after the disappearance of her young son 5 years previously, is presented with a bizarre offer to learn the truth and set things right. But how far is she willing to go, and is she willing to pay the terrifying price for a chance to hold her boy again?”

A parent willing to go to troubling extremes in order to be reunited with their missing child is certainly a premise we've seen before, but in From Black's case it appears that this young mother (played by True Blood's Anna Camp) really went the extra mile. Take a look at the film's just-released trailer, you'll see what we mean...

OK, that appears to be one of the cooler onscreen demons we've seen recently. Granted, we don't get a good, long look at it in the trailer above, but there's enough going on in the glimpses we do get that we're prepared to roll the dice on that opinion. From Black looks intense, well-shot, and spooky as hell. We're guessing things won't turn out well for ... well, pretty much anyone involved here, but we're eager to see them give it a go.


And when can we see it? Shudder will drop From Black (which also stars Jennifer Lafleur, John Ales, Travis Hammer and Richie Montgomery) on April 28th. Mark your calendars now and, uh, maybe keep an eye on your kids in the meantime? And don't go laying out any salt rings or candles on your living room floor, just to be safe.