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20 more in depth interviews with makeup masters Christopher Nelson, Phil Tippett, and more!


BAD ACID: Do They Have Aerobics In Hell?

This short film is taking us to the '80s via a hallucinogenic hell port.


A Guide To Hong Kong Category III Shockers: The Many Faces of DR. LAMB Star Simon Yam

The Rainy Night Butcher may not be an actual medical doctor...

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Watch This Exclusive CANDY LAND Clip

CANDY LAND make its East Coast Premiere as the New York City Horror Film Festival's opening night film.

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Unofficial Grinch Horror Movie THE MEAN ONE Is Coming To Theaters

Atlas Film Distribution is bringing THE MEAN ONE to a theater near you this holiday season, horror fans.


Take A Seat: 5 Horror Films Centered Around The Dinner Table

Dinner parties to die for.

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2022 Winter Horror Watchlist: 17 New Horror Releases

New releases rounding out 2022 and ushering in 2023.


TERRIFER 2 Is Getting A VHS Release Because Why Not

Broke Horror Fan and Witter Entertainment have teamed up to bring TERRIFER 2 to a VCR near you.


Check Out The AMIGO Trailer Before The Film Hits Theaters On December 2nd

From director Óscar Martin comes a brand-new twist on the WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? formula.


In BLACKTAIL, It's You And A Bow And Arrow Against A Nightmarish Fairytale

Focus Entertainment's upcoming first-person fantasy game BLACKTAIL is a deceptively dark horror/fantasy adventure.

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