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Salem Horror Fest And FANGORIA Are Bringing You Terrorific Music Videos

We're gonna' rock your block off.

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Exclusive: V/H/S/94 SFX Artist Patrick Magee Gives Us A Sneak Peek Behind-The-Scenes

Grabbing you by the sucker mauh.

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The Gingold Files: October 25, 2021

We've reached deep into our archives to uncover the long lost work of a FANGORIA legend.

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Say Hello To FRANK, Your New Demon Pal

Watch Bonnie Aarons in the trailer for Krsy Fox's demonic feature debut.

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GETTING GRAPHIC: What Makes A Good Video Game To Film Adaptation?

From RESIDENT EVIL to SILENT HILL and beyond, exploring fan favorite adaptations.


Barbara Crampton Transforms Into The DIVAS OF DARKNESS - Part One!

Watch Brett Freedman turn our reigning queen of horror into... The Bride!

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Watch This Exclusive Clip From THE SPINE OF NIGHT

Tzod recalls The Bloom's Dream


Exclusive: LAMB Interview With Star Noomi Rapace And Director Valdimar Jóhannsson

Embracing and reconnecting with the animal within.

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Read This Exclusive Excerpt From Chuck Wendig's Latest Novel: DUST & GRIM

Welcome to the monster mortuary.

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Wild Women With Steak Knives: SPELLBINDER

(Janet Greek, 1988) Girl trouble

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