Melissa Barrera in Scream 5

Melissa Barrera: SCREAM 6 Could Be '100 Times Gorier' Than Any Other SCREAM

That'd be...very gory, indeed.


JUDAS: New Game From The Creator Of BIOSHOCK Finally Gets A Trailer

Ken Levine's long-gestating follow-up to BIOSHOCK INFINITE looks incredible...and familiar.


Sounds Like Shawnee Smith's Returning To The SAW Franchise

Once you're in that trap, it's hard to get out.


The JETHICA Trailer Imagines A Stalker Who Just Won't Stay Dead

Peter Ohs' genre-bending, critically-acclaimed film hits theaters in January.


It's Official: Mike Flanagan Is Developing THE DARK TOWER As A Series

But will it head to Amazon?


The Final THE PALE BLUE EYE Trailer Is Here And It's Creepy As Hell

In which Christian Bale's detective joins forces with Edgar Allen Poe to catch a serial killer.

ghostbusters afterlife.png

MONSTER HOUSE Director Gil Kenan Will Helm The Next GHOSTBUSTERS

Who you gonna call? Jason Reitman's creative partner!


Each New M3GAN Trailer Is More Bonkers Than The Last

Wait'll you see THIS one.


This Post Contains One Billion* THE LAST OF US Character Posters

* OK, fine, it's eleven.


Nic Cage Calls Oz Perkins' LONGLEGS A "Possessed Geppetto" Movie

He's probably using the term "possessed Geppetto" loosely here.


You're A Mean One, Mr. THE MEAN ONE Trailer

The Grinch-centric horror parody of the year now has a trailer.


Answer The Door: A New KNOCK AT THE CABIN Poster Has Arrived

On second thought maybe DON'T answer that door.

Bodies Bodies Bodies

The Independent Spirit Awards Are Showing Some Love For Horror This Year

We probably won't see nominations for PEARL, BONES AND ALL and BODIES BODIES BODIES at this year's Oscars.

BloodRelatives_poster-header (1)

Noah Segan's BLOOD RELATIVES Hits Shudder Today

One of the year's best horror comedies can now be streamed directly to your living room.


Caitlin Cronenberg Has Wrapped Production On HUMANE

It's an environmental thriller starring Jay Baruchel, Emily Hampshire and Peter Gallagher.