2022 Chainsaw Awards Nominees For Best Wide Release Movie

And the nominees are...

By Angel Melanson · @HorrorGirlProbs · January 24, 2022, 7:00 PM EST

It's that time again... get those votes in for the 2022 FANGORIA Chainsaw Awards! But of course, we want you to make an informed vote so we are going to spend the next few weeks celebrating and spotlighting all of our incredible nominees, kicking it off with... Best Wide Release! The good news is, if there are any titles you missed on this list, they are all readily available to stream or in most instances, on Blu-ray as well. Also good news — even if you've watched all five of these titles, you have time to revisit each of them before we celebrate our nominees for Best Limited Release Movie next week! Happy viewing and congratulations to all of the wonderful horror makers who fueled our year with (the right kind) of nightmares.


- Directed by James Wan — Click here to watch now.

Check out this conversation with composer Joseph Bishara on the Music of Malignant, this behind-the-scenes look at bringing Gabriel to life with Spectral Motion's Kevin McTurk and this piece from our Monsterpiece Theater series with creature actor Marina Mazepa discussing contorting into one of the most iconic creatures of the year.


- Directed by Nia DaCosta — watch Candyman

A best wide release nominee, and also our cover for FANGORIA Volume 2 Issue #12. Check out this piece exploring Black and bourgeois tales of terror in Candyman and Us.


Last Night In Soho -
Directed by Edgar Wright — watch it now.

Taking it back to that time we headed to Fantastic Fest seated and ready to be treated to a Secret Screening of a 4K restoration of 1961’s West End Jungle, complete with a special guest film historian discussing the restoration, only to be surprised by Edgar Wright emerging from the wings to present the first US screening of his new film, Last Night In Soho. And if you're in the mood for a swingin' '60s vibe, take a listen to Wright's personally curated playlist.


The Night House
- Directed by David Bruckner — Enter The Night House


Take a sneak peek behind-the-scenes of The Night House in this exclusive bonus clip featuring Rebecca Hall discussing shooting in this unique space and director David Bruckner addressing what it was like creating these very particular spaces and bringing them to life.


A Quiet Place Part II
- Directed by John Krasinski — Streaming for Paramount+ subscribers or click to watch on demand.


Dive into a bevy of behind-the-scenes material, including Director John Krasinksi, Jason Snell (Visual Effects Supervisor ), Chris Balog (Compositing Supervisor), and Scott Farrar (Second Unit Director/Visual Effects Supervisor) discussing the practical and visual effects.