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PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Was Gateway Horror Gold

Five years after the series went off the air, it's still inducting new genre fans.



As BC receives his last-ever SUPERNATURAL season Blu-ray, he recalls the Impala-sized hole the series' departure has left in his life.

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Watch Out, Dallas: Joshua Jackson Is DR. DEATH

The new Peacock series tells the story of a real-life killer doc.


DEXTER Returns, Breaks Fourth Wall, Wins Us Back

The Showtime revival just dropped a teaser, and our panties.

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Krysten Ritter Attached To GIRL IN THE WOODS

CryptTV's cult horror creature short is getting an 8-episode series.

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THE BITE Is A COVID Zombie Comedy From Robert And Michelle King

Soon heading to Spectrum, so maybe get that.

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SAW And AMERICAN PSYCHO Heading To Small Screen

Lionsgate's making a lot of dreams come true.


WRECKED Takes Carnage To The High Seas

In other horror comedy TV news...

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Rose McIver Goes From iZOMBIE To GHOSTS

In a supernatural comedy for CBS.