THE DEVIL'S MOUTH Will Turn The Director Of CRY WOLF Loose On A Shark Attack Movie

Jeff Wadlow's getting into the menaced-by-sharks game, and the results will likely be gnarly as hell.

By Scott Wampler · @ScottWamplerBMD · May 16, 2023, 4:29 PM EDT

First things first: that still at the top of the page? Not from The Devil's Mouth, the just-announced shark attack film that's headed our way via Cry Wolf director Jeff Wadlow. That's a still from 1987's Jaws: The Revenge, the best movie ever made about a dead shark's progeny (or maybe it's just some other shark) hunting down the wife of the police chief responsible for its murder.

It's not a still from The Devil's Mouth because The Devil's Mouth has not been filmed yet. Written by Aja Gabel and Myung Joh Wesner and produced by bother Entertainment One and Thunder Road, the project is currently being shopped around the Cannes marketplace, looking for a distributor that's as hungry to see humans fall afoul of sharks as the rest of us are.

Plot revolves around a group of friends who gather together for a vacation just off the coast of Mexico, and then...

"Despite a series of storms recently flooding the area, Sara, the planner amongst the partiers, is adamant on continuing with their exploration of the La Boca Del Diablo (The Devil’s Mouth) cenotes – a hauntingly intricate maze of deep underwater caverns. But as they traverse the awe-inspiring flooded caves and tunnels, looming in the depths below is a silent, swift, and bloodthirsty trapped outsider – a true apex predator. The group’s only hope for survival is to set aside their petty differences and work together to find their way out. But even then, do they stand a chance?”

On the one hand, we've seen the "friends on vacation get menaced by a shark (or some sharks)" movie before. A few times! On the other hand, this one introduces "an intricate maze of deep underwater caverns" into the mix, which oughtta provide some interesting onscreen visuals. Sharks and claustrophobia? Sold.

Wadlow's Cry Wolf remains a standout "young people getting murdered on vacation" movie, and he's also the director behind Blumhouse's Truth or Dare and Fantasy Island. We're curious to see what he does with the shark attack genre, and feel like it's probably a safe bet that the kills in this thing will be extra gnarly.

This news comes hot on the heels of another shark attack movie that's currently in the works, from Renny Harlin (and Gene Simmons, of all people). If we get word of one more shark attack movie in the near future, we're gonna have a trend on our hands. Stay tuned for more on The Devil's Mouth (and, indeed, any other shark attack movies that might get announced in the weeks ahead) as further updates roll in.