SCREAM VI's Opening Weekend Was Even Bigger Than Expected

It's good to be Ghostface.

By FANGORIA Staff · March 13, 2023, 7:57 AM PDT
scream vi3

Towards the end of last week, we learned that box office prognosticators were expecting Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett's Scream VI to draw in the biggest opening weekend yet for the long-running and beloved Scream franchise. The previous record-holder for that particular title, Scream 3, had earned $34M during its first weekend in theaters, and Hollywood expected Scream VI to draw in somewhere between $35M and $40M.

Well, about that (via Deadline):

"Paramount/Spyglass Media‘s Scream VI is at a new opening high this morning at $44.5M, after a Saturday that eased 20% to $15.4M off a $19.3M Friday."

Yes, that's right: Scream VI added an extra $4.5M to the highest of Hollywood's box office predictions and $10M more than Scream 3's previous high-water mark. Worldwide, it pulled in over $67M over the weekend (That's nearly double the film's $35M production budget, for those keeping score at home). Horror, as the kids say, stays winning.

All this means it's not too early to start theorizing about Scream VII, which has yet to be officially announced (also unannounced: whether Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillett will be returning for a third go 'round with Ghostface) but is all but guaranteed to happen given the numbers above. We will, of course, be keeping a close eye on this situation, and will let ya know just as soon as things start being confirmed. Stay tuned, folks!