Earlier today, the good folks over at Total Film released three brand-new images from David Gordon Green’s Halloween Ends. You’ll never believe it, but it looks like Laurie Strode and Michael Myers (The Shape, if ya nasty) are back at their Tom & Jerry-style murder hijinks!

Let’s take a look…

So, as you can see, the first image finds our man standing on a staircase, kitchen knife in hand. Myers’ clothing and mask have surely seen better days (one supposes you can only put that get-up through a roaring fire so many times before it’s gonna need to be replaced), but everything here’s in its right place! Same goes for the second image, which finds Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie facing down Myers in a kitchen. The final shot is basically just The Shape standing in a foyer. It is not very exciting but it is, in fact, a photograph of Michael Myers from Halloween Ends.

None of these shots tell us much about the film’s plot (which it still feels like we know relatively little about), it’s true, but they do serve to whet our appetite for Green’s trilogy-capping sequel. The only question now is, which one of ’em will survive? We’ve got our suspicions, but we’ll keep those to ourselves for the time being.

Halloween Ends hits theaters on October 14th, just over a month from now. If you’d like to do a little bonus reading about the film, definitely consider picking up the latest issue of FANGORIA Magazine, which features both Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Myers on the front cover!

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