Guess Who's Coming To Dinner: TINY CINEMA Exclusive Cip

Pull up a chair.

By Angel Melanson · @HorrorGirlProbs · September 1, 2022, 9:00 AM PDT
Tiny Cinema Still 2

For lovers of horror anthology, may we present this exclusive clip from Tiny Cinema. The collection of short stories comes to us from director Tyler Cornack, the film premiered at the Popcorn Frights Film Festival. Cornack also wrote the film alongside Ryan Koch and Bill Morean. All three of them are on board as producers as well, as is Patrick Ewald. The cast includes Tyler Rice, Philip Ursino, Sam Landers, Kristina Clifford, Shelby Dash, Austin Lewis, Olivia Herman, Matt Rubano, Kyle Lewis, Matt Rasku, and Kevin Michael Moran. In addition to directing, writing, and producing, Cornack also counts himself as a member of the cast, just to ensure that he kept himself incredibly busy during the entire process.

Check out the official synopsis below:

A mysterious stranger tells the twisted tale of seemingly unconnected strangers whose lives will change in incredible and bizarre ways forever. As reality unravels, each person must battle incredible challenges from a multiverse seeking answers on the essential questions of life, death, love, and the fate of our future.

Pull up a chair and enjoy this exclusive "Edna" clip from Tiny Cinema.

Tiny Cinema is set to hit select regular-sized cinemas on September 2 and On Demand on September 6. It will also be arriving on Blu-ray on October 11. Check out our Convo X Fango with director/writer/star Tyler Cornack.