GODZILLA X KONG Poster Wants You To Bow To Your New King

Warner Bros. and Legendary have released a new look at the GODZILLA VS. KONG sequel, hitting theaters in 2024.

By Ryan Scott · @RyanScottWrites · November 29, 2023, 4:30 PM PST
GodzillaKong Cropped
Image courtesy of Warner Bros.

The kings are back, baby. Warner Bros. and Legendary have unveiled a brand new look at the latest entry in the Monsterverse franchise, which takes the form of Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire. As the title implies, this is going to serve as a sequel to 2021’s Godzilla vs. Kong, but the two iconic monsters are no longer at odds with one another. Rather, as the film's first official poster reveals, they are going to have a new threat to contend with. Check it out.


So yeah, that’s all pretty ominous and rad, in my humble opinion. We see King Kong’s face with a bloody handprint smeared all over it. There’s not much else, save for some rather telling text at the bottom that says, “Bow to your new king.” That’s metal AF. It’s definitely going with more of an angle of intrigue rather than trying to cram the whole movie onto a single poster. It’s definitely enough to raise an eyebrow. The question is, what threat could possibly make both Godzilla and King Kong bow down? And what does that mean for the people of Earth?

We’ll probably have a better idea sooner rather than later as CCXP is about to kick off in Brazil. Warner Bros. is going to have a big presentation at the con and the first trailer for director Adam Wingard’s sequel. is expected to drop. We had a brief teaser drop earlier this year but it didn’t offer anything by way of actual footage. So keep your eyes peeled for the actual trailer sometime this week. In the meantime, the official synopsis for the film reads as follows:

“This latest entry in the Monsterverse franchise follows up the explosive showdown of Godzilla vs. Kong with an all-new cinematic adventure, pitting the almighty Kong and the fearsome Godzilla against a colossal undiscovered threat hidden within our world, challenging their very existence – and our own. The epic new film will delve further into the histories of these Titans, their origins, and the mysteries of Skull Island and beyond, while uncovering the mythic battle that helped forge these extraordinary beings and tied them to humankind forever.”

Rebecca Hall (Ilene Andrews), Brian Tyree Henry (Bernie Hayes) and Kaylee Hottle (Jia) are reprising their roles from Godzilla vs. Kong, with Fala Chen (Irma Vep), Rachel House (Foundation), and Dan Stevens (The Guest) joining the ensemble.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire hits theaters on April 12, 2024.