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Convo X Fango: MASTERS OF MONSTERS With John Carpenter

John Carpenter and host Graham Skipper chat about the master of monsters... GODZILLA ahead of Shout Factory's marathon.


Apple's GODZILLA TV Show Lands Director Matt Shakman

WANDAVISION director Matt Shakman has been tapped to head up the new MonsterVerse TV show for Apple TV+.


GODZILLA VS. KONG Sequel Reunites The Guest Duo Dan Stevens And Adam Wingard

Dan Stevens has been cast in the untitled GODZILLA VS. KONG sequel, which is set to begin filming later this year.

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A GODZILLA VS. KONG Sequel Is Filming This Year, Here's What We Know

Another entry in the MonsterVerse franchise is filming in 2022 following the success of GODZILLA VS. KONG at the box office.


Kaiju Masterclass Celebrates Japanese Sci-Fi With Special Guests

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Into The Mind Of A Monster: Celebrating Miki Saegusa, Godzilla’s “Final Girl”

A tribute to the most recurring human character in kaiju history.


Attack Peter vs. Kaiju: Giant Posters All-Out Attack

FANGORIA interviews artist Attack Peter


Review: GODZILLA (2014)

An archive review from The Gingold Files.