EVIL DEAD RISE: Bruce Campbell Shares First Look At Main Characters

Lee Cronin's addition to the franchise will hit theaters in April 21 2023.

By Amber T · @hornbloodfire · December 2, 2022, 3:23 PM EST
Image courtesy of Bruce Campbell.

The legendary Bruce Campbell has taken time out of his busy schedule at BruceFest '22 to share a new image from Evil Dead Rise, the latest addition to the franchise from Lee Cronin (The Hole in the Ground).

Campbell - who is producing Rise alongside Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert - took to Twitter earlier today to share the split diopter shot with the caption “For the Deadites who weren’t able to make it to BruceFest this year, I’m very excited to share this shot of the family from Evil Dead Rise. See them come together or be torn apart only in theaters April 21.”

Although Campbell is very much involved with the production of Evil Dead Rise, we won't be seeing a return of Ash Williams. Instead, a whole new cast of characters, including Gabrielle Echols (Reminiscence) and Morgan Davies (The End), will be battling the demonic Deadites:

In the fifth Evil Dead film, a road-weary Beth pays an overdue visit to her older sister Ellie, who is raising three kids on her own in a cramped L.A apartment. The sisters’ reunion is cut short by the discovery of a mysterious book deep in the bowels of Ellie’s building, giving rise to flesh-possessing demons, and thrusting Beth into a primal battle for survival as she is faced with the most nightmarish version of motherhood imaginable.

Earlier this year, we got our first peephole look at one of those flesh-possessing demons and now, thanks to Bruce, we can put faces to the names of those who'll be fighting them.