The Crow tells the story of a murdered rock star who, upon being resurrected, sets out to get revenge on the scumbags who killed both him and his fiancée, and was first brought to the silver screen in 1994 by director Alex Proyas. That film was a big deal at the time (partially because of the tragic onset shooting which claimed the life of star Brandon Lee, partially because the movie whipped ass, and partially because of the film’s iconic soundtrack) and was followed by two sequels, neither of which were as good as the first.

Anyway, in the time since the last Crow arrived, Hollywood has made (by our count) 1,642 attempts to reboot the series. New versions of The Crow were announced over and over again (one recent iteration would’ve starred Jason Momoa), only to implode long before filming could begin. Just ask your friendly neighborhood film blogger: writing up Crow reboots we all knew were destined to never happen became a long-standing and time-honored tradition amongst our people.

Sadly, that era came to a close recently when director Rupert Sanders actually started shooting the latest version of this would-be reboot. This one stars It‘s Bill Skarsgard and FKA Twigs, and has been filming for some time now over in the Czech Republic. Given the long and bumpy road this project experienced on the way to getting made, that alone is amazing, but get this: according to The Hollywood Reporter, none other than Danny Huston (Wonder Woman, The Proposition) has joined the cast of the film. We’ve done the math, and we know that adding Danny Huston to any film automatically makes that film 50% better, so this is a fairly exciting turn of events.

At present, details on the new The Crow are pretty scarce, but we’re definitely keeping our ear to the ground for further updates (my God, maybe there’ll even be a trailer one day!), and will pass them along as they cross our radar. Stay tuned.

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