Rumor time! Netflix Wants Two More TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Sequels?

A rumor out of the convention circuit suggests that Netflix may be doubling down on TEXAS CHAINSAW with Leatherface returning for more.

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Part Two STRANGER THINGS Viral Vecna: From Concept Art To Nightmarish Reality In The (Prosthetic) Flesh

Makeup artist Barrie Gower spills the Upside-Down secrets of bringing Vecna to life (with grisly photos and videos!)


SQUID GAME: THE CHALLENGE Competition Series Coming To Netflix

Netflix is making a SQUID GAME competition series that will include the largest cash prize in TV history.

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CASTLEVANIA: NOCTURNE Announced By Netflix, Here’s The Trailer

The folks at Netflix are bringing us a CASTLEVANIA spin-off, as announced during the company’s Geeked Week festivities.


Geeked Week Day Two: TROLLs, Vampires, Zombies!

Plus Henry Selick's triumphant return to stop-motion, and more!

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Some Thing Is Coming: Catch A WEDNESDAY First Look During Netflix's Geeked Week

Wednesday news coming this Monday.

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STRANGER THINGS Season 4 Turns Netflix Viewing Records Upside Down

The first volume of STRANGER THINGS season 4 has set a new viewership record for Netflix, topping BRIDGERTON.

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STRANGER THINGS Creators Discuss 'Very Different' Spin-Off Series

Matt and Ross Duffer reveal they have an idea for a STRANGER THINGS spin-off, and only Finn Wolfhard knows what it's about.

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Netflix’s RESIDENT EVIL Trailers Brings The T-Virus To The Future

The first trailers for the upcoming live-action RESIDENT EVIL TV show on Netflix have been revealed ahead of the show’s release this summer.

Stranger Things Englund

STRANGER THINGS Season 4 Trailer Brings Robert Englund To Hawkins

Netflix has released a new trailer for STRANGER THINGS season 4 and a certain horror legend is along for the ride.


Watch The Trailer For Netflix's CHOOSE OR DIE

"Would you rather" in the form of a cursed 1980's video game!

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Christina Ricci Joins Tim Burton's WEDNESDAY (No, Not As Wednesday)

Ricci joins the Addams family: Jenna Ortega, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Luis Guzmán for hijinks at Nevermore Academy.


Exclusive: Writer Joe Russo Hints At Eerie Secrets Locked Away In Upcoming Gothic Horror Mystery THE INHERITANCE

"It's kind of a haunted house movie mixed with an Agatha Christie mystery."

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TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Killed It On Netflix, Let’s Look At The Numbers

Netflix has revealed viewership details for the new TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, and it did remarkably well despite the mixed reception.


Let's Talk About That Post- Credits Scene In Netflix’s TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE

Director David Blue Garcia’s TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE has arrived on Netflix and there is a little more to the film beyond the credits.