Earlier this month, we brought you some exclusive photos from the depths of Hellbilly Hollow. Now we bring you good news— the Hellbilly Hollow team is coming to Son of Monsterpalooza this weekend! Produced by Rob Zombie’s former manager and film producer, Andy Gould (The Devil’s Rejects, 31, Lords of Salem and Zombie’s Halloween films), starring Kurt Deimer, a rising rock star, who also produced. Deimer’s co-stars include McKalin Hand (Black Lightning), and Hallie Shepherd (The Werewolf Diaries).

Gruesome makeup FX handled by Jonathan Thornton (Oculus, Kill Theory). The story follows Bull (Deimer) as he protects his not-so-small younger brother Tickles (Kevin Wayne, doing double duty as the film’s director) from the outside world. But who protects the outside world from Tickles? When a team of YouTube paranormal activity seekers come to Bull’s haunted attraction in the backwoods, they find more than they bargained for as they follow thrill-seekers on a haunted hayride. Fear and death plague those who enter and those who seek the past. But can it all lead to a better place?

Catch the Hellbilly Hollow team at the upcoming Son of Monsterpalooza convention (Oct 14-16 at the Burbank Airport Marriott as they present exclusive footage and hold a cast and crew panel Friday, Oct 14 @ 7:30 pm. Attendees will include Deimer, director Kevin Wayne (Blood Type) , producer Andy Gould and actress Megan Weaver. Check out the trailer below.

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