Y’know what feels great? Seeing a trailer for an upcoming horror film that seems to be working overtime not to divulge whatever secrets said film might contain. We don’t get those very often these days, so it’s worth appreciating when it happens … as it does in the first trailer for RLJE Films’ Old Man.

Here, watch:

See what I mean? Beyond a very basic set-up in terms of the plot, the Old Man trailer seems determined to play things as close to the vest as possible. There’s an old man (Stephen Lang). There’s a guy (Marc Senter) who stumbles upon his cabin while allegedly lost in the woods. One of them will likely pose a threat to the other, but which? Whose side are we meant to be on here, anyway?

Well, one thing to keep in mind is that Old Man is the latest from Lucky McKee (working from a script by newcomer Joel Veach), a filmmaker who’s spent the vast majority of his career serving up twisty, deeply unsettling, frequently very violent movies to an adoring horror crowd. This is the dude who directed May, The Woman, and Red. That McKee’s pulling the strings here takes the Old Man trailer from “Huh, wonder what’s going on there” to “I can’t fucking wait to find out what’s going on there, because it ain’t gonna be good.”

RLJE Films will release Old Man in theaters, On Demand, and digital on October 14th. Fingers crossed it turns out to be every bit as gnarly as we suspect it will.

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