Heads up, Gill-man Hive: Jack Arnold’s Creature From The Black Lagoon is finally headed to 4K. The news comes to us from the Physical Media Connoisseur Twitter feed, which announced the news earlier this morning:

I know, I know – it’s not just Creature From the Black Lagoon. But I’m the one writing up the news, and there are few things I love on this planet as much as I love Creature; obviously I’m gonna throw the spotlight on my beautiful, lovesick lagoon son. As you can see above, the film’s part of a four-movie set that will also include The Mummy, Bride of Frankenstein (my God that one’s gonna look amazing), and Phantom of the Opera.

Added bonus? This set will arrive just in time for Halloween – October 11th, to be precise! Any of you youngsters in the crowd who’ve never gotten around to these films can look forward to four very solid nights of entertainment during your “Horror Movie a Day” binges somewhere within the upcoming Spooky Season. And here’s another bonus: you’ll be seeing them in the highest definition any of us will have ever seen them in! Lucky you!

Phew. I’ve been waiting for Creature From the Black Lagoon to hit 4K ever since I purchased a PS5, so this news has made my entire week. Here’s hoping you folks are just as excited about this release as we are!

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