Last year, Damien Leone’s Terrifier 2 hit theaters, and a most unexpected thing happened: the $250,000 film (a sequel to Leone’s Terrifier, from 2018) became a runaway hit, generating $10M at the box office almost entirely via a grassroots word-of-mouth campaign. Terrifier 2 was bigger, bloodier, and more bonkers than Terrifier in just about every way, and fans of that mischievous, murderous scamp Art the Clown could not have been happier.

Those same fans will likely be thrilled to learn the following: according to The Hollywood Reporter, DREAD and Iconic Events are joining forces to put the original Terrifier back into theaters (700 of them, to be exact) this summer. If you only ever caught Art the Clown’s first film at home on your couch, well, today’s your lucky day.

Actually, today’s not your lucky day. Today you’re just getting some good news. July 19th, that’s your lucky day. That’s when Terrifier returns to theaters. Sorry for the confusion.

Says DREAD CEO Patrick Ewald:

“When Damien Leone and his team brought Terrifier to Dread Central years ago, we knew that the film was something incredibly special and astoundingly terrifying in the best way possible.  Now, six years later, with millions of Terrifier fans worldwide, we are excited to once again unleash on the big screen this blood-soaked homage to old-school horror and the insanity of Art the Clown.”

Leone’s excited, as well:

“Let’s see if you can stomach Art the Clown’s notorious ‘hack saw scene’ on the big screen! Be sure to bring your barf bags.”

This is the widest theatrical release the original Terrifier has ever been given, so if you count yourself a fan of the franchise, definitely keep your ear to the ground for a ticketing announcement and secure your spot in one of those 700 theaters. And when the day (July 19th) comes, consider leaving your hacksaws at home. Someone’s gonna have to clean that theater after you’re done with it.

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