See, Uh, Whatever The Hell This Thing Is In The COCAINE SHARK Trailer

You'll never believe it, but COCAINE SHARK looks kinda wild.

By Scott Wampler · @ScottWamplerRIP · May 23, 2023, 11:35 AM PDT

A few months ago, Elizabeth Banks' Cocaine Bear raked in roughly $90M worldwide with its darkly comic tale of a bear who does a ton of coke and then kills a number of people in profoundly graphic ways. Given the film's success, it was perhaps inevitable that someone else might come along looking to make their own movie about a coked-up, killer animal, and it appears that Mark Polonia's Cocaine Shark will be the first to do so.

Behold, the trailer for Cocaine Shark:

You might have noticed that Cocaine Shark seems to feature a number of monstrous creatures who are not, in fact, sharks on cocaine. This official plot synopsis goes a ways toward explaining that:

“A mafia drug lord has unleashed a new, highly addictive stimulant on the streets called HT25, derived from sharks held captive in a secret lab, and which causes monstrous side effects. After an explosion and leak at the lab, an army of mutated, bloodthirsty sharks and other creatures are set loose on the world.”

Cocaine Shark hits VOD and DVD on July 11th. It might not be for you, and it might not be for me, but if you're the type of viewer with a deep and abiding love for the Sharknados and Asylum-style mockbusters of the world, we imagine you'll wanna save the date for this one. If nothing else, it certainly seems to be delivering on the "coked-up energy" front.