SDCC Exclusive: John Carpenter And Greg Nicotero Invite You To Chew Bubblegum And Meet Monsters

Restored and recreated FX from IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS and THEY LIVE are on display in San Diego.

By Angel Melanson · @HorrorGirlProbs · July 20, 2023, 2:35 PM EDT
In The Mouth of Madness Wall Of Monsters

Now those are two names we love to see paired! John Carpenter and Greg Nicotero have teamed up for a cool project, exclusively for folks attending San Diego Comic-Con. The iconic special effects pro and legendary director have restored practical effects figures from Carpenter's In The Mouth Of Madness and They Live. We're already salivating at this double whammy, but the duo has promised a couple of additional surprises.

Where can you find these sweet babies? Get thee to the Storm King Comics booth, that'll be #1935 on the convention floor. If you're unfamiliar, Storm King is the comic book publishing house Carpenter co-founded with his wife and creative partner, Sandy King. While Carpenter won't be on site for the convention, he has a message for attending fans and praise for pal, Nicotero.

"I can't make it to join everyone at SDCC (but I'll see you freaks at NYCC!) I’m thrilled Meatball can venture to San Diego in my place. What’s a Comic-Con without some monsters lurking about, right? Greg and I have a long, fruitful relationship and I trusted him implicitly to restore these figures to their rightful condition: horrifying!"

Let's take a peek at some exclusive photos from Nicotero's workshop.

John Carpenter They Live Greg Nicotero Restoration


In The Mouth of Madness Greg Nicotero FX

It's only fitting that Nicotero is the one to restore this horrifying Meatball, as he originally helped bring that wonderful beast into existence in the '90s. "It was an absolute thrill to revisit some of these creatures that we created for John Carpenter many years ago. On In The Mouth Of Madness, we had dozens of monsters to create, and this foam-fabricated character affectionately known as 'Meatball Dog' seems to be the only one that has stood the test of time. An offbeat and wacky creature intended to be seen quickly in dark glimpses!" Meatball may have been intended for quick glimpses in the dark, but SDCC goers will get a chance to get up close and personal with both Meatball and chew bubble gum with one of the titular They aliens from They Live. Swing by the booth and tell Meatball Mama don't like tattletales.


San Diego Comic-Con is happening July 20-July 23.