4 New Horror Comics Arriving In August

Plus new issues of ongoing series like GRIM, DEAD BY DAYLIGHT, SOMETHING IS KILLING THE CHILDREN, and more.

By Daniel McMahon-Young · @danthemcmahon · August 4, 2023, 3:53 PM EDT

Does everyone share the same fear in August? The fear that summer is winding down and that school is about to start again. I haven’t been in school for almost ten years, but I still get that distinct chill up my spine thinking that I have to go back to school shopping with my parents soon.

But everything is going to be okay because the kick-off to spooky season is right around the corner on August 18th (the day the Sawyer family did that whole The Texas Chain Saw Massacre thing and my birthday) when we officially start celebrating Halloween again. I am also back with a ton of great horror comics for you to check out this month!

Look for these at your local comic book shop, and if you need help finding one, be sure to use the Comic Shop Locator.

What's New This Month?

Project Riese - August 2

Project Riese

Publisher: Mad Cave Studios
Writer: Zac Thompson
Artist: Jeff McComsey
Colorist: Paul Little
Letterer: Justin Birch

Zac Thompson is one of the heavy hitters of horror comics. Much of his work, such as Lonely Receiver and I Breathed a Body, deal with heavy themes of identity and technology. When I first heard that Project Riese was about a ragtag team of treasure hunters in 1952, I had to do a double take. The comic follows Sam Safdie and his team, who have found a fabled map of Owl Mountain that leads them to a massive war complex filled with treasure and horrors. After reading this issue, it is something very different from Thompson with wonderful art by Jeff McComsey and Paul Little. It has almost a pulp horror sensibility to it which makes it really worth picking up!

Dark X-Men #1 - August 16

Dark X-Men #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Steve Foxe
Artist: Jonas Scharf
Colorist: Frank Martin
Letterer: Clayton Cowles

After the events of Marvel’s recent Hellfire Gala, the X-Men are going through some of their hardest times yet. And what does super well in the wake of tragedy and misfortune? Horror! This grouping of X-Men is some of the most gothic horror characters on the mutant roster teaming up when the world needs the X-Men the most. The book is written by Steve Foxe, who you may know from the spider horror instant classic All Eight Eyes, which was a previous recommendation from me. Foxe promises a horror action adventure which is very exciting to see for the X-Men!

Archie Horror Presents Chilling Adventures Anthology - August 23

Archie Horror Presents Chilling Adventures Anthology

Publisher: Archie Comics
Various Creative Teams

Now I know most people either think of Archie as wholesome comics from the past or whatever the heck Riverdale was, but the comics have a vast exploration of the paranormal. Case in point: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The dark Netflix show centered on the titular teenage witch and gave a much better look at the depths of horror within the Archiverse. The publisher has a whole imprint dedicated to horror, which only seems to grow by the month. This anthology collects a wide array of their series, such as Madam Satan, Chilling Adventures in Sorcery, Jinx: Grim Fairy Tales, and more. If you want to get a taste of what type of horror the Archie line offers, this trade is an incredible collection you’re going to want to pick up. Plus, it features Salem, the talking cat who has been a lifelong favorite of mine.

The Devil’s Cut #1 - August 30th

The Devil’s Cut #1

Publisher: DSTLRY
Various Creative Teams

DSTLRY is a new comic publisher that promises to redefine creator-owned comics. The Devil’s Cut is a collection of stories that serve as a sampling of what the publisher will have to offer. Eight out of the eleven stories in this anthology will continue as full series in the future, ranging from cutting-edge sci-fi and westerns to fast-paced action thrillers, quiet meditations on humanity, and a stunningly diverse array of horror tales. But what is most enticing about this debut is the sheer amount of talent held in the pages from the biggest writers in horror comics, such as Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Ram V, and more. But it doesn’t stop with writers because the art roster is out of this world with names like Becky Cloonan, Jock, Christian Ward, and so many more. This is something you are going to want to tell your local shop you want as soon as possible because it will only be printed in this format once, and it’s already selling way over expectations. I am very excited to see what tales of horror come from DSTLRY in the future if this is their debut.

Ongoing Titles

Grim Comic

August 2nd

Grim #12 - BOOM! Studios
The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos #2 - Dark Horse Comics
Dead By Daylight #2 - Titan Books
Buffy: The Last Vampire Slayer #1 - BOOM! Studios

August 9th

House of Slaughter #16 - BOOM! Studios
Ghostlore #4 - BOOM! Studios
Haunt You To The End #3 - Top Cow
Deadbox - Vault Comics
A Legacy of Violence #8 - Mad Cave Studios

August 16th

Something is Killing the Children #32 - BOOM! Studios
Dark Ride #8 - Skybound
Monomyth #4 - Mad Cave Studios

August 23rd

Ice Cream Man #36 - Image Comics
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles x Stranger Things #2
The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos #3 - Dark Horse Comics
Earthdivers #9 - IDW Publishing
Exorcists Never Die #5 - Mad Cave Studios

August 30th

W0rldtr33 #5 - Image Comics