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WHERE WOLF Chapter Twelve: Always See Your Face

The final chapter!

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WHERE WOLF Chapter Eleven: I'm On Fire

We may know the werewolf's identity, but the "who" is just part of the story!

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WHERE WOLF Chapter Ten: Does Wal-Mart Sell Silver Bullets?

As we barrel toward the finale, the werewolf's identity stands revealed!

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WHERE WOLF Chapter Nine: Proof's In The Pudding

The next installment, plus your chance to be IN WHERE WOLF before the series finale.

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WHERE WOLF Chapter Eight: Wild Heart

Here's chapter eight! Isn't it great?


Witches VS Nazis: THE WITCHES OF WORLD WAR II Sneak Peek

Historical espionage with a dash of the supernatural. Witches take on the F├╝hrer in this graphic novel inspired by true events.

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WHERE WOLF Chapter Seven: The Way It Dimmed

Part seven of our new weekly webcomic!


THE BROTHER OF ALL MEN And Exploring The Identity Of Canada

Writer Zac Thompson discusses his horror-mystery based on a true story.

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WHERE WOLF Chapter Six: Meat Cute

Part six of our new weekly webcomic!

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WHERE WOLF Chapter Five: Reveille Like Me

Part five of our new weekly webcomic!

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Exclusive: HELLBOY AND THE B.P.R.D.: 1957- FALLING SKY Sneak Peek

Take a look inside Mike Mignola and Chris Roberson's latest creation.

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Exclusive: FRATERNITY Graphic Novel Explores The Dark Side Of Brotherhood

Take an exclusive sneak peek at this gory thriller by first-time graphic novel writer Jon Ellis and artist Hugo Petrus.

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Exclusive Cover Variant Reveal: R.L. Stine Brings A New Twist To Legendary Monsters In STUFF OF NIGHTMARES #1

The first original comic book series from FEAR STREET and GOOSEBUMPS author is coming this September.

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WHERE WOLF Chapter Four: Fur-Con

Part four of our new weekly webcomic!

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Vault Comics' NIGHTFALL DOUBLE FEATURE Is A Celebation Of Horror

From bones growing out of couches, to wicked and threatening landscapes, NIGHTFALL creators discuss their upcoming DOUBLE FEATURE.