MOOSE JAWS: Kevin Smith's 'JAWS But With A Moose' Is Actually Happening

Lionsgate is seemingly making this a reality after years of the filmmaker talking up the project.

By Ryan Scott · @RyanScottWrites · December 27, 2022, 7:01 PM EST
Our faces when we heard MOOSE JAWS is coming.

Kevin Smith, the director of Clerks and Tusk, has revealed his next several movie projects, and it sounds like the filmmaker will be busy for quite some time. He's formed a nice relationship with Lionsgate following collaborations on both Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and Clerks III. So, what's next? While the order of his feature film slate has yet to be determined, it looks like he's finally making Moose Jaws, a movie he's been threatening to make for the better part of a decade.

During a recent Q&A at GalaxyCon (which recently started making the rounds online), Smith talked a great deal about the next movies he's going to make. It seems as though his next two will be Twilight of the Mallrats, a sequel to Mallrats, and The 4:30 Movie, a new original he's got written and ready to go. After that? It may well be Moose Jaws time. "[Moose Jaws] is a movie I've been threatening to make for a long time, but thanks to the good folks at Lionsgate it's actually going to happen," Smith said. As for how this all happened? Well, Lionsgate sold a lot of Blu-rays.

"'We sold so many copies of Jay & Silent Bob Reboot on DVD and Blu-ray that if you have any more of this Jay and Silent Bob bullshit and you can make it for under eight million dollars, we'll totally do it.' And I was like, 'I am filled with nothing but Jay and Silent Bob bullshit!'"

That's what led to a slate of five movies from the filmmaker entering more serious development. Additionally, he's got another Jay and Silent Bob movie in the works, as well as a sequel to Red State. But Lionsgate seems particularly eager to make his Canadian-set creature feature.


"They were like, 'Well, like what?' And I said, 'I've got this movie Clerks III that they're in,' they're like, 'Okay, what else?' 'I got this movie called Moose Jaws,' and they were like, 'What's Moose Jaws?' And I was like, 'Moose Jaws is like Jaws but with a Moose instead of a shark.' And they said, 'What's the budget on that?' I was like, 'About three million bucks,' they're like, 'We'll make four of them.' So it looks like Moose Jaws is finally gonna happen."

Smith originally began discussing this movie back in 2014 and viewed it as the finale of his True North trilogy - a trio of movies all set in Canada. That trilogy kicked off with Tusk, (which he's planning a sequel to titled Tusks) and was followed up by Yoga Hosers, which bombed and was panned badly at the time. So, Moose Jaws was abandoned for a time. But it's not dead yet! No word yet on casting or anything of the like, as it sounds like Smith has his hands full. But if he can find the time, it looks like the director finally will get the cash to make this one a reality.


Moose Jaws does not yet have a release date set. In our minds it goes something like this: