MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE Is Getting A SteelBook Blu-Ray Release

And you can pre-order yours even as we speak.

By FANGORIA Staff · March 23, 2023, 12:09 PM EDT

Though the film was lambasted by critics and audiences alike, Stephen King's Maximum Overdrive (1986) has gained quite the cult following in the years since its release. Yeah, it's goofy. Yeah, it feels held together by duct tape and a series of cocaine-inspired wishes. But throw on Maximum Overdrive in a roomful of people (preferably with plenty of beer at their disposal) and suddenly everyone's having the time of their lives. Funny how that works!

King's one and only directorial effort has been released on all kinds of formats over the years, but now (according to a new listing over at Walmart) it's getting its very own SteelBook release. You can preorder your own copy via that link, but here's what it looks like:



The SteelBook version of Maximum Overdrive will set you back $20 or so, which seems perfectly reasonable given the peace of mind you will feel once your copy of Maximum Overdrive is safely secured within a steel frame. What, you've been keeping yours inside a plastic box? Good luck keeping that thing safe when an 18-wheeler powered by a comet's evil space-energy comes plowing through your living room wall at 90mph.

Not much else to report here, but this does give us an excuse to once again post the iconic Maximum Overdrive trailer, featuring Stephen King himself:

Head on over to Walmart to preorder your SteelBook version of Maximum Overdrive before it becomes widely available on June 1st. Viewing party at our place immediately to follow.