Marvel's PREDATOR VS WOLVERINE Will Deliver The Showdown We've Been Waiting For

Weapon X crosses paths with the galaxy’s deadliest hunter this fall.

By Ryan Scott · @RyanScottWrites · June 8, 2023, 3:32 PM EDT
PvW Cropped
Image courtesy of Marvel Comics

Sharpen those claws and get ready for one heck of a showdown because Wolverine is getting ready to square off against a Predator. That's right! Because Disney owns both Marvel Comics and the library of franchises formerly controlled by 20th Century Fox, a good, old-fashioned IP mash-up is coming our way this fall in the form of Predator vs. Wolverine.

Marvel Comics has announced the four-issue miniseries, which kicks off in September. Benjamin Percy (Wolverine, Ghost Rider) is set to write the series with a pretty stacked lineup of artists, including - but not limited to - Greg Land, Andrea Di Vito, Ken Lashley and Kei Zama. As for how these two icons will meet? The synopsis for the series reads as follows:

“THE THRILL IS THE KILL! Wolverine has lived one of the longest and most storied lives in comics history. Now witness the untold greatest battles of Logan’s life – against a Predator! One Yautja seeks the greatest prey in existence – and finds it in Weapon X. From the blood-ridden snows of the Canadian wilderness to the sword-slinging streets of Madripoor, Wolverine and a Predator break everything in their paths on their way to the ultimate victory…or glorious death.”


Percy, for his part, seemed actually thrilled about the opportunity. In a not-necessarily brief statement on the matter, the writer explained how he’s accidentally been preparing to write this story his entire life, and how he’s going to tackle the story.

“I'm not going to say I was born to write this crossover... but sometimes the universe reveals why you were created. I am a child of the eighties. I cannot tell you how many times I watched Predator, just as I cannot tell you how many Wolverine comics I have read, because that would be like telling you how many breaths I've taken or cheeseburgers I've eaten. The mythologies of both are ingrained in me so deeply they might as well be strands of DNA or wisps of soul.
The guns, claws, beef, and blood of both franchises have been stewing in my brain since 1987, when I read myself to sleep every night with a stack of Marvel comics and my friends and I used to play ‘Predator’ with Nerf guns in the woods and river near our neighborhood. This epic hunt will span decades, as both of these giants learn and harden and grow deadlier with time. Neither will have time to bleed, but you better make time to read, because I'm putting everything I've got into this event, and I'm thrilled to join forces with some of the best artists in the business.”

Marvel has been doing quite a bit with both the Alien and Predator licenses since Disney acquired most of Fox back in 2019, with various comics in both franchises steadily streaming onto shelves. But bringing a Predator into the proper Marvel universe? That’s a big decision with pretty big implications. If it pans out, it could open the door for more wild crossovers down the line. Get ready for Alien vs. Groot or Alien vs. Predator vs. Deadpool.

Predator vs. Wolverine #1 hits shelves on September 20.