Scream queen Samara Weaving (Ready or Not, Scream VI, the upcoming Azrael) is keen to resurrect the long-dormant A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise – and we say let her, you cowards.

Speaking to Collider at the SXSW premiere of Azrael, the Aussie actress was asked which iconic horror franchise she’d like to star in next, to which she quickly answered: “Nightmare on Elm Street […] I can do it.”

Samara vs Freddy Krueger? Sign us the hell up. Considering the last entry into the Nightmare franchise, 2010’s remake A Nightmare on Elm Street, was 14 years ago, it’s safe to say we’re due a reboot of the supernatural slasher classic. Not to mention, 2024 marks 40 years (!!) since Wes Craven’s game-changing 1984 original – wouldn’t now be the perfect time to resurrect the series with a kickass new final girl at the helm?

Fred himself, Robert Englund, might have called himself “too old and thick” to slip the razor glove back on, but he’s down to make a cameo in any future Nightmare. Plus, final girl Heather Langenkamp has said she’s keen to see Nancy fight Freddy one more time. Add in the fact that Midnight Mass master Mike Flanagan has said he wants to take a stab at rebooting the series, and you’ve got a recipe for the ultimate legacy sequel.

Freddy’s slasher colleagues, Michael, Jason and Chucky, are all seeing revitalized interest in their respective franchises on the small screen, with recent news of Miramax’s Halloween television series, A24’s Crystal Lake and, of course, Don Mancini’s Chucky going from strength to strength. Could we see Samara take on Freddy in a grisly limited series?

This is, of course, all feverish speculation on our part, but best believe we’ll be watching this potential union with great interest. Watch this space…

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