LATE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL Is Like Larry Sanders With An Exorcism

Producer Roy Lee teases the upcoming horror flick LATE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL starring David Dastmalchian.

By Ryan Scott · @RyanScottWrites · August 9, 2022, 6:42 PM EDT

Horror lovers have something pretty unique and intriguing to look forward to in Late Night With the Devil, an upcoming '70s-set horror film starring David Dastmalchian that recently wrapped filming. This, according to producer Roy Lee, who teased what to expect from the film in a recent conversation with the folks at Bloody Disgusting. Just imagine an episode of The Larry Sanders Show coupled with The Exorcist - that is what Lee is proposing.

Lee, who has produced mega horror hits such as It and The Ring, is making the rounds to promote Barbarian, which arrives next month. Speaking with the outlet, he was asked about Late Night With the Devil, which Dastmalchian is headlining. Here’s what Lee had to say about it:

“We just wrapped Late Night With the Devil. I almost didn’t read the script, because I was like, ‘That is such a cheesy title. There is no way this movie is going to be something that’s not going to be just a B-movie.’ But then I was told by a person I trust, ‘You have to read this script.’ I am so glad I read the script. I don’t know if anyone remembers the show The Larry Sanders Show. Imagine that, and this is the last episode being shot because Larry decides to do an on-air exorcism that goes awry and causes this to be the last episode.”


Directing duo Colin and Cameron Cairnes (100 Bloody Acres, Scare Campaign) are behind the camera for this one. Lee and his production company Spooky Pictures are heading up the project. Speaking a bit further, the producer went into the quirky style infused into the movie.

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“It’s done as if it’s a real television show, and when it goes to commercial breaks, it cuts to an aspect ratio of a traditional film. So you see it almost like a docu-film style, behind the scenes as they’re shooting this episode. David Dastmalchian kills it. He could be the next talk show host that replaces Conan or anyone because he’s just so good at it. That one, I feel like, is going to surprise a lot of people.”


Who doesn’t love a nice surprise? As for Dastmalchian, he is absolutely no stranger to genre filmmaking, having starred in movies such as The Belko Experiment and Bird Box, as well as blockbusters like The Suicide Squad and two-time host of FANGORIA's very own Chainsaw Awards. He is also set to star in the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s The Boogeyman for Hulu, not to mention his Dark Horse Comics series Count Crowley.

Steven Schneider (Pet Sematary), Derek Dauchy (Al Kameen), Mat Govoni (Lone Wolf), Adam White (Lone Wolf) and John Molloy are also on board as producers. Joel Anderson (Lake Mungo), Rami Yasin, and Dastmalchian serve as executive producers.

Late Night With the Devil is expected to arrive in 2023.


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Dastmalchian and friends, Makeup Department Head Marie Princi, and Makeup Artists Sarah Moss and Bec Burratto.