Described as “A nutty blend of Kevin Smith’s Clerks, Darren Aronofsky’s Pi, Swingers and Tetsuo: The Iron Man” alright, you have our attention. Laguna Ave follows burned-out television editor, Russell (Russell Steinberg, Days Out of Days, Adventureland). A slacker with a prosthetic hand, a questionable partner, and a strange new downstairs neighbor. The disturbing sounds coming up from Gary’s apartment keep Russell awake at night, and everything changes the night Gary decides to come upstairs and pay Russell a visit. A whole new world filled with accelerationist conspiracies opens up for one wild ride. We have an exclusive sneak peek at a clip from Laguna Ave. Check it out.

Laguna Ave lands on Arrow February 1, along with a collection of Man vs Machine goodies Tetsuo: The Iron Man, Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway, Burst City, and Dead or Alive: Final. Take a look at all the great titles coming to Arrow in February, including The House of the Dead and Dan Curtis’ Dracula, the 1974 TV movie adaptation from the creator of Dark Shadows.

Arrow Listing-Graphic---Feb-2022-p2-copy.jpeg

Watch the Laguna Ave. trailer and catch all these great titles on ARROW.

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