Here’s a fun bit of news: according to a new report over at Deadline, Jason Bateman (Ozarks, The Outsider) has signed on to direct The Pinkerton for JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot.

If the name The Pinkerton sounds familiar, it’s because we heard about this one all the way back in 2020. Back then, it was the first original project snapped up for production by Bad Robot following the massive deal the studio signed with Warner Bros. All’s been quiet on The Pinkerton front ever since, but it sounds like we’ll be hearing a lot more about it now that Bateman’s attached.

What do we know about it? Precious little! Deadline describes the project as a “supernatural revenge-western hybrid,” which could mean just about anything, but given the talents involved here, we’re guessing that it’ll be something high-concept and genre-mashing. If you’re thinking that Bateman’s an unusual pick to helm a supernatural thriller, I’d gently remind you that he also executive produced and (brilliantly) directed episodes of HBO’s The Outsider, based on the Stephen King novel of the same name.

As per usual, we’re guessing Bad Robot will be keeping this one veiled in secrecy for the time being, but we’re very curious to learn more about The Pinkerton and will be keeping our ears to the ground for further updates. Stay tuned for those, and do consider mounting a rewatch of The Outsider while we wait. That’s some A+ viewing material right there, friends.

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