According to a new report over at Deadline Hollywood, Sony is moving forward with a third Venom movie (there’s not title yet, so we’ll just be going with Venom 3 for the time being), with Tom Hardy returning alongside longtime Venom screenwriter and producer Kelly Marcel … who’ll also be sliding into the director’s chair this time around.

Says Deadline:

“The first two films had their own director, with Ruben Fleischer directing the first and Andy Serkis helming the most recent pic, but Marcel has been there from the start as Venom’s journey was being mapped out. Insiders say Hardy and Marcel have always been on the same page when it comes to shaping Venom’s story and that heading into the final chapter the two were in step with what direction they wanted this final chapter to head.”

The Venom franchise, as you know, has been a massive success for Sony at the worldwide box office, raking in $1.36 billion with its first two installments and generating a fervent fanbase. That fanbase sometimes feels divided between those watching Venom movies seriously and those watching Venom movies ironically, but at the end of the day … $1.36 billion is $1.36 billion. However you choose to watch these films, it seems likely that they’re gonna keep making ’em.

Not much more to go on at this point – we don’t know which previous Venom franchise characters may be returning or what this one will even be about – but we’re curious to see what Marcel and Hardy have come up with, and look forward to learning more in the months ahead. Stay tuned for updates as they roll in!

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