Get In Touch With Your DARK NATURE Next Month

A new horror-thriller from director Berkley Brady is headed our way.

By FANGORIA Staff · April 26, 2023, 11:12 AM EDT

According to the good folks over at Bloody Disgusting, a new horror-thriller by the name of Dark Nature will land in select theaters and on VOD next month, and it sounds like it's gonna be intense!

Written and directed by Berkley Brady (The Secret History Of: The Wild West), the film tells the following tale...

“Joy, a survivor of an abusive relationship, joins her friend Carmen and her therapy group on an isolated weekend retreat in the Canadian Rockies. Led by the enigmatic Dr. Dunnley, whose methods are experimental and, at times, dubious from Joy’s outside perspective, the experience eventually shatters the border between reality and delusion. Joy begins to suspect that they are being stalked by her abuser, when in truth, the entire group will be forced to confront a monstrous entity more terrifying than the ghosts of their pasts.”

Enigmatic doctors performing dubious experiments on people in the Canadian Rockies sounds ominous enough, but add in a stalking, the perceived threat of a stalker ex-boyfriend and a "monstrous entity" and, baby, you've got yourself a stew goin'. A very sinister stew.

Dark Nature stars Hannah Anderson (Jigsaw, The Purge), Madison Walsh (Don't Say Its Name), Kyra Harper (Orphan Black, See) and Helen Belay (Abracadavers), and is being released under the Epic Pictures Group's Dread label.

Brady had the following to say about his film:

Dark Nature is my first feature and a true labor of love. I loved sharing it with horror fans during its festival run, and I always feel proud when I see the Dread logo in the opening credits. It’s been a dream to work with Epic as well and I’m looking forward to audiences all over the U.S. finally being able to see this film.”

No trailer for Dark Nature just yet, but with the film hitting select theaters on May 19th and VOD on May 23rd, we figure one oughtta be along any minute now. Stay tuned for that, as well as any further pertinent updates regarding Dark Nature between now and its release next month.