Check Out These Exclusive Stills Of BDSM Sex Doll Horror BLACK EYED SUSAN

Scooter McCrae's darkly erotic third feature explores a "morally uncertain" future.

By Amber T · @hornbloodfire · October 3, 2023, 1:35 PM EDT

Scooter McCrae, the cult underground filmmaker behind Shatter Dead (1994) and Sixteen Tongues (2003), has wrapped production on Black Eyed Susan, a "darkly erotic" sci-fi horror about a BDSM sex doll - and we've got some brand new exclusive and eerie stills to get you hyped.

Black Eyed Susan stars Damian Maffei (The Strangers: Prey at Night, Wrong Turn), Marc Romeo, and ex-WWE Superstar Scott Fowler, with model Yvonne Emilie Thälker making their feature film debut as the titular Susan. Let's get into this very saucy sounding plot synopsis....

...shot on Super 16, the film follows Derek (Maffei), who after finding himself desperate for work, accepts a job replacing his recently-deceased friend at a tech startup. Continuing to develop the company’s innovative project means working intimately with Susan (Thälker), a bleeding-edge BDSM sex doll meant to receive and appreciate punishment as an integral part of her evolving AI. Derek will soon test the limits of his own desires and explore the nature of man and woman, pleasure and pain, and life and death in a morally uncertain future world.

Black Eyed Susan features a soundtrack from legendary Italian composer Fabio Frizzi, known for his work on the films of Lucio Fulci (Zombie, The Beyond, City of the Living Dead). This will mark the second collaboration between Frizzi and McCrae after the pair first worked together on McCrae's award-winning 2015 short Saint Frankenstein. The film is a co-production between Not the Funeral Home (The Last Drive-in with Joe Bob Briggs), Little Cannonballs, and the recently-launched Vinegar Syndrome Pictures (New York Ninja).

The choice to shoot on film stock will come as joyful news to all the cinephiles and film buffs out there, and to McCrae himself, who had this to say in a statement:

My so-called ‘career’ seems to have been built upon shooting on whatever format is least fashionable at the time, hence shooting on analog and digital video when film ruled the Earth, and now shooting film stock while the rest of the world has comfortably settled into digital capture mode. I guess I’m only comfortable when I’m an iconoclast.”

The exclusive pics we've got for you today might be mysterious but you can already tell the visual quality has that gorgeous unmistakable film stock depth to it. We're expecting that Black Eyed Susan is gonna go to some weird, wild and horny places, so get it on your watchlist ASAP, and we'll have more updates on release when we get 'em!: