Exclusive: Check Out The Trailer For Hyper-Violent French Horror MEGALOMANIAC

Karim Ouelhaj's bloody and brutal new feature hits theaters and VOD in September.

By Amber T · @hornbloodfire · August 15, 2023, 1:08 PM EDT

Gorehounds rejoice! One of the bloodiest films of the year, Karim Ouelhaj's Megalomaniac, is set to open in select theaters September 8 and then VOD on September 26 - and we've got an exclusive brand new trailer for you thanks to the good folks over at Dark Star Pictures.

The hyper-violent French horror stars Eline Schumacher, Wim Willaert, Benjamin Ramon, Pierre Nisse and Raphaëlle Lubansu, and echoes themes of New French Extremity. Here's the full plot synopsis, inspired by the true crime case of Belgian serial killer, the Butcher of Mons:

Martha and Félix are the children of the Butcher of Mons, a notorious Belgian serial killer from the 1990s. Unstable and riddled with insecurities, Martha lives vicariously through social media. Her brother, crushed by the family legacy, takes over their father's killings. Harassed and violently assaulted at work, the docile Martha falls into madness and goes through the looking glass into the strange and terrifying world inhabited by her brother.

If you couldn't tell by the above synopsis and the below trailer, Megalomaniac is not for the faint of heart, with Ouelhaj himself noting that:

“[They say] you keep thinking about it for days, it sticks to your skin and your brain. I’m happy to hear it’s not forgettable. The only ones who are disappointed, which is rare, [come in] expecting an entertaining slasher.”

Fans of brutal and bloody visual effects and gruesome, true crime inspired killings will find a lot to love in Megalomaniac, which was last year awarded Fantasia’s biggest honor, the Cheval Noir Award, as well as honors at both Manchester's Grimmfest and Brooklyn Horror Film Festival last October.

Without further ado, brace yourself, and dive into our exclusive Megalomaniac trailer: