Please stand by for a very important announcement from the murderous doll known as Chucky…

Yes, folks, according to the man himself (and a new report over at Entertainment Weekly), Don Mancini’s hit horror-comedy series Chucky is returning to the airwaves this October.

Says EW:

“EW has confirmed that season 3 of Chucky will premiere 9 p.m. ET/PT, Oct. 4, on Syfy and USA. Season 3 episodes will be available next day on Peacock, which is also screening seasons 1 and 2. You can text Chucky, at your own risk, at 201-500-3347.”

The video above, a mock press conference that really nails the tone of Mancini’s series, has nearly too many highlights to count. Is it Chucky calling everyone “dipshits,” a pejorative that simply doesn’t get as much play as it should? Is it Chucky feigning ignorance as to who his co-star (and frequent social media sparring partner) Devon Sawa is? Maybe it’s the confirmation that Jennifer Tilly will, in fact, be getting in the game this season. Hard to say!

For the past two seasons, Chucky has been one of horror fandom’s greatest TV-based pleasures, a reliably entertaining (and remarkably sharp) addition to the long-running Child’s Play franchise. Prior to the arrival of its first season, some fans seemed skeptical that Chucky could shoulder the weight of an ongoing series, but now look at him: holding press conferences, rubbing shoulders with Jennifer Tilly, probably on his way to a 4th season renewal (if that hasn’t happened already).

Team FANGORIA is very excited about Chucky‘s return, and will be tuning in when the new season begins rolling out on October 4th. How about you?

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