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FANGORIA #23: Our spring subscriber cover presents a perilous predicament, as Don Mancini’s Chucky makes readers an offer that his co-star hopes you can’t refuse...

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Chucky Will Go To Space If Enough People Want Him To Go To Space

Franchise creator Don Mancini is willing to do CHILD’S PLAY in space if the demand is there for it.


Chucky VS. M3GAN? Stay Tuned, Says CHUCKY Creator Don Mancini

If we try hard enough we can will this thing into existence.


New CHUCKY Clip Finds Our Favorite Killer Doll Taunting Teens From The White House

Ahead of its third season premiere tomorrow, Chucky places an ominous phone call.


CHUCKY's Third Season Is Being Split Into Two Halves

A little CHUCKY S3 now, a little CHUCKY S3 in 2024.


Watch CHUCKY Announce His Imminent Return

The third season of Don Mancini's hit horror series is right around the corner.


CHUCKY Season 2 Trailer Is Taking Us To Church!

Wreaking havoc in the pews.

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CHUCKY Season 2 Is Bringing Devon Sawa Back For More Somehow

It has been confirmed that Devon Sawa will return to CHUCKY season 2 as a brand new character.


CHUCKY Season 2 Begins Filming, And Brad Dourif Is Back

The returning cast members for CHUCKY season 2 have been confirmed as production on the series gets back underway.


CHUCKY Season 2 Is Bringing Back Jennifer Tilly As Tiffany Valentine

Jennifer Tilly is once again returning to the CHILD’S PLAY franchise as Tiffany in the new season of CHUCKY later this year.


He'll Be Back: CHUCKY Picked Up For Season 2

Watch the season two announcement here.


Six Things To Know About Don Mancini's CHUCKY TV Series