Chaos And Predator Clicks: The PREY Official Trailer Is Here

Comanche Nation vs Predator.

By Angel Melanson · @HorrorGirlProbs · June 7, 2022, 11:27 AM PDT
PREY (2022)

"Why do you want to hunt?"

"Because you all think that I can't."

The newest installment in the Predator franchise takes place three hundred years in the past, and focuses entirely on a tribe in the Comanche Nation. To provide an authentic and accurate portrayal, there was a point when the film was in talks to be produced entirely in the Comanche language. Ultimately, it was done in English, but a full Comanche dub will be available.

Producer Jhane Myers says, "We do have like Comanche throughout the film, but when you first choose to watch the film, this will be the first time that the Comanche language, and I'm Comanche, by the way, this will be the first time that our language is in a full dub and also subtitled for the whole film."

Myers also touched upon the historical significance of this, "The language component's very important because this will also be the first time that a film has been completely [dubbed]. You get the option of watching it in Comanche on a brand new film. I know that Navajo has done it twice, with Star Wars, but Star Wars was 30 years old when that came out, Finding Nemo was 20 years old. But here we are, this movie resets a whole lot of paradigms, and one of them is the language component."


In addition to Native Comanche producer (Myers), Prey's cast is primarily comprised of Native and First Nations talent, including Midthunder, Dakota Beavers, Stormee Kipp (Sooyii), Michelle Thrush (The Journey Home), and Julian Black Antelope (Tribal). The Predator will be brought to life by Dane DiLiegro (American Horror Stories).

Check out the full trailer below, bear hunting and bear outrunning before the hunter becomes Predator Prey.

Prey hits Hulu August 5th.