Good news for creature feature fans: Ben Brewer’s Arcadian, which stars Nicolas Cage, Jaeden Martell and Maxwell Jenkins, is headed for theaters this April courtesy the folks at RLJE Films. The film will later debut on Shudder and AMC+. Combined with the film’s SXSW premiere, there’ll be no shortage of chances to see this one!

What’s Arcadian about? Says Deadline:

Arcadian takes place in a near future, where normal life on Earth has been decimated. Paul (Cage) and his two sons, Thomas (Jenkins) and Joseph (Martell), have been living a half-life – tranquility by day and torment by night. Every night, after the sun sets, they face the unrelenting attacks of a mysterious and violent evil. One day, when Thomas doesn’t return home before sundown, Paul must leave the safety of their fortified farm to find him. A nightmarish battle ensues that forces the family to execute a desperate plan to survive.”

Says RLJE Films’ Chief Acquisitions Officer, Mark Ward:

“Michael Nilon’s script deftly balances between the riveting thrills of a creature feature and the hopeful heart at the core of Paul’s family, played to perfection by Cage, Martel, and Jenkins.”

We’re always up for more Cage ’round these parts, and lord knows we love a good creature feature. Stay tuned for more on Arcadian (including a trailer, which oughtta be along any time now) as further updates roll in, and mark your calendars for its arrival in theaters on April 12th.

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