Terrible, Awful, Murderous Things In Ti West's PEARL Trailer

She wants to be loved by you.

Sarah & Kevin

The FX Of X: Eyes Pop Out Of Their Damn Skulls (Just Make Sure They Hit The Mark)

Makeup and hair designer Sarah Rubano discusses all the Killer FX in Ti West's X.

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X On Demand: Plus Special A24 Screening Room Advance Peek

"This new home video market is set to explode."

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X Wants To Put You In The Mood With Porn Groove Essentials

Two brand new X-worthy playlists to groove to.


Enjoy X At Home! Coming To Blu-ray And DVD

Ti West's X hits Blu-ray and DVD May 24th.


X Marks the THOT (That Hag Over There)

The DNA of Ti West’s new film extends beyond ‘70s slashers, and earns its place in the canon of “psycho-biddy” horror.


Don't Harsh The Mellow: Exclusive X Convo X Fango With Ti West And Cast

Stars Mia Goth, Brittany Snow, Jenna Ortega, and director Ti West.

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Exclusive: Ti West Talks PEARL, the Already-Completed X Prequel

Hope you dug A24's new slasher film, because the prequel's already in the can.


Jenna Ortega: A New Scream Queen Rises

Diving into the SCREAM star's past, present, and future within the horror genre.


Watch The Trailer For Ti West's New A24 Film: X

One GD f***ed up horror picture.