A24 Partners With Kojima Productions On The DEATH STRANDING Movie

Hideo Kojima's nightmarish video game is still headed to theaters, and now A24's along for the ride.


FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S Cannot Stop Breaking Records

Emma Tammi's video game adaptation is now the most-watched film debut in Peacock history.


FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S Is Blumhouse's Biggest Global Opening Ever

$133M+ worth of tickets were sold to Emma Tammi's highly-anticipated video game adaptation this weekend.


The FALLOUT TV Series Will Arrive Early Next Year

In which Amazon Prime's highly-anticipated video game adaptation gets a release date.


New FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S Trailer Dials Up The Scares

Emma Tammi's video game adaptation arrives on October 27th.

Resident Evil Death Island

RESIDENT EVIL: DEATH ISLAND Writer Would Love To Take The Carnage To Antarctica

Leon, Jill, and Claire take on Alcatraz in the latest RE animated feature, but how about a little AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS action?


This (NSFW) TWISTED METAL Trailer Delivers The Bloody Mayhem

Peacock's video game adaptation looks big, bloody and bonkers!


GETTING GRAPHIC: Setting The Trend

From zombies to creature features, are video games paving the cinematic way?

RE43.v4.cropped Cropped

The RESIDENT EVIL 4 Remake Gets A New Trailer And Game Mode

Capcom is adding THE MERCENARIES as DLC for the game for free post-launch.


GETTING GRAPHIC: TV Remote Vs Console Controller

Is it scarier when the pressure is on you to control the cycle of building and releasing tension, or when you surrender yourself to face whatever comes your way?


THE LAST OF US Brings Plenty Of Us To HBO With Huge Viewership Increase

With its second episode, HBO's video game adaptation greatly increased its audience.


GETTING GRAPHIC: SILENT HILL Is The Best Film Adaptation Of A Horror Game To Date

Big facts.

silent hill church.png

Konami Just Announced A RETURN TO SILENT HILL Movie

Director Christophe Gans is returning to the SILENT HILL universe for a brand new film set in the world of Konami's beloved video game franchise.


A New SILENT HILL Movie In 2023? Maybe!

Director Christophe Gans reveals that a script for a new SILENT HILL movie is in the works that would seemingly reboot the franchise.