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Ghoul Day Memories: 5 Back-To-School Horrors

Some first semester frights to get you in the (school) spirit.


8 Scene Stealers: Supporting Players Doing Killer Work

Madeleine McGraw's scene-stealing performance in THE BLACK PHONE got us thinking about some of our favorite scene-stealers in horror.

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5 Infamous Horror Movie Towns And Their Real-Life Inspirations

From Woodsboro to Amity Island: home is where the fear is.


Composer Chris Dudley's Top 5 Horror Films

From Underoath to haunting underscores, musical man Chris Dudley counts down his top five most influential horror movies.


14 Films That Explore The Horrors Of Retail

Breaking down retail horrors from malls to grocery stores, a fashion house, and other spaces of commerce.


20 Years Of Ghost House Pictures: 8 Essential Movies

Celebrating two decades of haunts.

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Censoring Fear: 7 Hays Code Horrors

From THE OLD DARK HOUSE to PSYCHO, exploring movies produced under the rule of Hays Code censorship..


The Color Of Horror: 5 Horror Films With Excellent Use Of Color

From Argento red to Aster yellow, we're diving into a world of color.


From ALIEN To INVADERS FROM MARS: We Love Galactic Horror

In honor of NOPE we dove deep into the Fango archives to celebrate horrors of the extraterrestrial variety.

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10 Scottish Horror Movies You Might Not Have Seen

Horror hailing from the Highlands (and beyond!)


Six Horror Films That Were Just As Horrific To Make

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt


Horrorcation: Book A Stay in These Horror-Themed Getaways

Horror staycation, anyone? Here's a list of horror-themed rooms or rentals that are so spooky you'll want to stay forever and ever.

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9 Of Our Favorite Final Mothers In Horror

Hell hath no fury...

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The 10 Biggest Horror Moments In Robert Eggers' New Viking Film, THE NORTHMAN

Mummified heads and ritual sacrifices: we're going deep into spoilers and counting down our favorite horrific moments in THE NORTHMAN


The Irish New Wave Of Horror: 9 Films At The Forefront Of The Irish Horror Invasion

The Emerald Isle is pumping out a unique brand of horror, from a unique take on vampires to Changelings and beyond!