Let's Score Todd To Death: April 2022

It's cult for your ears! C.H.U.D., THE DESCENT, THE HITCHER, and more!


Let's Score Todd To Death: March 2022

Keeping it catchy and creepy with the ultimate Goblin collection, Boris Karloff-on-a-bad-acid-trip vibes, and more!


Let's Score Todd To Death: February 2022

From making music for films that don't yet exist, to CARRIE, and injecting synthesizers like daggers into baroque compositions. This month the column gets weird.


Let’s Score Todd To Death: January 2022

Manfredini remastered, the sounds of Italian horror, and more!


Score! The Sweet Sounds of SCREAM

In celebration of Varèse Sarabande's new limited-edition six-CD and four-LP set, we are taking you on a journey through the music of the first four films, (and giving you a peek at this sweet set).

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Let's Score Todd To Death: December 2021

GHOSTBUSTERS, Joe Bob & The Lone Stars, CAT 'O NINE TAILS and more!


Let's Score Todd To Death: November 2021


Exorcist II_Cover.jpg

Let's Score Todd To Death: October 2021

Vasile, Morricone and more!

squid game 3.jpeg

SQUID GAME: Saw Traps And Some Not So Cheap Thrills

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Let's Score Todd To Death: September 2021

In this month's needle drop news: MAD DOCTOR OF BLOOD ISLAND, DRACULA VS FRANKENSTEIN, CANDYMAN and more!

DEMONIC - Still 2.jpg

Technology and Trauma: Neill Blomkamp and Carly Pope Discuss Demonic

The technophile director and his 'preparedness junkie' star discuss how they used volumetric capture to explore deep-rooted emotions — and great scares.


Let's Score Todd To Death: August 2021

CHILDREN OF THE CORN, THE SHINING, FEAR STREET and more in this month's needle drop news!

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Let’s Score Todd To Death: July 2021

An exclusive conversation with Kevin Bergeron, co-founder of Waxwork Records.

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Let’s Score Todd To Death: June 2021

What are the best horror scores, soundtracks and needle drops out this month? Todd'll tell you!

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Breaking The Mold: David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick On THE CONJURING 3

The screenwriter behind the CONJURING sequels, ORPHAN and AQUAMAN opens up.