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Chucky Will Go To Space If Enough People Want Him To Go To Space

Franchise creator Don Mancini is willing to do CHILD’S PLAY in space if the demand is there for it.

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2019’s CHILD’S PLAY Remake Is Finally Getting A 4K Release

The folks at Scream Factory are giving director Lars Kleverg’s reimagining of Chucky an Ultra HD upgrade.


Chucky VS. M3GAN? Stay Tuned, Says CHUCKY Creator Don Mancini

If we try hard enough we can will this thing into existence.

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CHUCKY Box Set Announced By Arrow Video - But There's A Catch

The CHILD'S PLAY films are being collected by Arrow Video but this one is meant for U.K. Fans (or those with region-free Blu-ray players).


Chucky Creator Tom Holland On The Anxiety Of Selling A Murderous Doll

Cut scenes and unearthed stills give fans get an in-depth look in CHILD'S PLAY: A VISUAL MEMOIR.


Four CHUCKY Sequels Getting The 4K Treatment From Scream Factory

BRIDE OF CHUCKY and more are coming to Ultra HD later this summer.


Documentary LIVING WITH CHUCKY Will See Early 2023 Release On SCREAMBOX

Kyra Elise Gardner's documentary will document the history and legacy of the iconic CHILD'S PLAY franchise.


CHUCKY Season 2 Trailer Is Taking Us To Church!

Wreaking havoc in the pews.


Kyra Elise Gardner’s LIVING WITH CHUCKY Acquired By Yellow Veil Pictures

Following its Popcorn Frights Film Festival premiere, CHUCKY is hitting the road for more festival screenings.


It Was CHILD'S PLAY: Growing Up With The Chucky Legacy

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He Always Comes Back

The new CHUCKY series gets a teaser.