Witches Vs. Nazis In The Italian Alps: LADY BALTIMORE THE DREAM OF IKELOS

Take a peek inside Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden's upcoming comic.

By Angel Melanson · @HorrorGirlProbs · March 7, 2023, 2:33 PM PST

Lady Baltimore and crew are back to wreak some more havoc on Nazis. Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden's latest takes us to an alternate World War II, presenting us with an occult alternate universe. Italy, circa 1939— Lady Baltimore leads a group of gifted individuals against Nazi forces. Horror writing duo Mignola and Golden have reunited for the project, with art by Bridgit Connell, colors by Michelle Madsen, and cover art by Abigail Larson. Take a look at the synopsis for this upcoming one-shot story below.

Lady Sofia Baltimore, accompanied by an array of formidable companions, continues her war against the Nazis in an occult alternate Outerverse. High in the frozen Italian alps, a mercenary sorcerer has revealed a dangerous magical artifact. German forces will use it to obliterate Allied forces who stand against them . . . unless Sofia and Imogen can take possession of it first.  

Lady Baltimore The Dream of Ikelos hits comic store shelves March 29, but you can take a peek inside right here.