WHERE WOLF Chapter Twelve: Always See Your Face

The final chapter!

By Robert Saucedo · @robsaucedo2500 · September 28, 2022, 11:00 AM EDT
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This is it folks - Where Wolf, the horror-comedy webcomic by Rob Saucedo, Debora Lancianese, and Jack Morelli, comes to its shocking conclusion. 

Larry Chaney is a reporter without a clue in a city with a serial killer problem. Sophia Ploog is a cryptid-loving college student convinced the dead bodies popping up in Wolf Pen Creek are the work of a lycanthrope. Together, the two must infiltrate a furry convention in conservative small-town Texas in order to protect the attendees from a monster with mauling on its mind. Catch up on the first eleven chapters of Where Wolf here.  

Now, in the final chapter, Larry Chaney stands face to face with his destiny - but will he blink? Who lives? Who dies? Who's going to clean up the mess? 

As a personal note, I just wanted to thank everybody who's read WHERE WOLF. I hope you've enjoyed the ride. I'm thrilled to announce that the story will continue in THE CURSE OF THE WHERE WOLF, a new story starring Larry Chaney and friends - coming 2023. In addition, a print collection of WHERE WOLF will arrive in stores next year. To keep up with all the upcoming WHERE WOLF-related news, please make sure you sign up for alerts here. You can also find contact information for the creative team at www.wherewolfcomic.com. Drop us a line - we'd love to hear from you!