WHERE WOLF Chapter Three: Another Steak Out

Part three of our new weekly webcomic!

By Robert Saucedo · @robsaucedo2500 · July 27, 2022, 9:06 AM PDT
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In the first chapter of Where Wolf, readers met Larry Chaney, a reporter without a clue in a city with a werewolf problem. In Chapter Two, Larry dug deeper - literally and figuratively - into the costumed body found at Wolf Pen Creek and was introduced to Sophia Ploog, a cryptozoology-obsessed college student who saw the bipedal animal the police believe to be responsible for the series of maulings at Wolf Pen Creek. 

Now, in Chapter 3, join Larry and Sophia as they uncover the secrets that unite the three Wolf Pen Creek victims and learn the truth behind the killer's motivations. Read a new chapter of this horror-comedy webcomic by Rob Saucedo, Debora Lancianese and Jack Morelli every Wednesday exclusively right here.