We ARE Getting A Bonus Episode Of YELLOWJACKETS...But Not Quite Yet

Series co-creator Ashley Lyle confirms an extra episode will air between seasons two and three.

By FANGORIA Staff · June 2, 2023, 2:00 PM EDT

For the past week or so, Team FANGORIA has been kicking around the ongoing rumor that a new, "bonus" episode of Yellowjackets would be airing soon, possibly even this weekend. Believed to be the second season's actual final episode, word on the street suggested that it might be a standalone ep, possibly even an episode-long flashback to the Yellowjackets' cabin long before our increasingly unhinged team of survivors crash landed in the wilderness. An intriguing concept, to be sure, but with nothing official to go on we felt it better to just lay in the cut and see what shook out.

Well, the rumormongering hit a fever pitch yesterday, with some fans believing that this "secret" episode of Yellowjackets would be hitting Showtime at midnight. The hubbub was such that series co-creator Ashley Lyle felt compelled to pop up on Twitter and put the matter to bed ... for now.

As it turns out, yes, there is another episode of Yellowjackets on the way, but from what Lyle's saying above it sounds less like a "bonus" episode of season two and more of a narrative bridge between seasons two and three. Perhaps this was something they filmed but couldn't find an organic spot for among the season's other episodes? Maybe it is, in fact, about that mysterious cabin and whoever lived there, and maybe - as further rumors suggest - the person living there will be played by Jason Ritter. We don't know, but we do love an opportunity to engage in a lil' reckless speculation.

So, when will this episode air? No telling on that front, either. Could be a few weeks from now, could be a few months. Were we calling the shots, we might suggest dropping that bad boy during the so-called "Spooky Season," but of course we'd say that. We're FANGORIA.

Nothing further to report at this time, but we will of course keep you up to date on the happenings with this extra episode as further updates roll in. Stay tuned for those, Yellowjackets fans!