VAMPIRE SURVIVORS Is Being Turned Into An Animated TV Show

The monstrously successful roguelike horror game is getting a new look.

By FANGORIA Staff · April 28, 2023, 9:29 AM PDT

Here's some highly unexpected news to wrap your week with: according to Deadline, Vampire Survivors - the insanely popular roguelike gothic-horror game - is being turned into a premium animated television series by Story Kitchen and the game's developer, poncle.

For those who've never played Vampire Survivors, here's what it looks like in action:

Deadline says the project is currently looking for writers and being shopped around to various animated TV network buyers. Not hard to imagine something like this heading to, say, Adult Swim, given that whatever the writers come up with is a tonal fit for that network.

You might be wondering how an entire series could be sustained by the lore established in Vampire Survivors. Says the game's creator, Luca Galante:

"The most important thing in Vampire Survivors is the story, so it’s a dream come true to see what started as a little indie game I made on my weekends come to life as an animated TV show! It’s also great to be partnering up with such experienced and talented people to make the show. I do wonder if they’ve realized that there isn’t a single vampire in Vampire Survivors, though."

While this news might initially seem unexpected, it's certainly worth pointing out how truly beloved this game is. Indeed, over the course of its relatively brief lifespan, Vampire Survivors has proven popular with critics as well as players. Adds Deadline:

"Vampire Survivors was the winner of the Best Game and Best Game Design awards at the BAFTA Game Awards earlier this month. The game is Steam’s highest-rated video game of 2022, and also named Best Game from Ars Technica,, D.I.C.E., the New York Game Awards and the Golden Joystick Awards. The game also has received multiple nominations from the Game Developer’s Choice Awards, the Game Awards and The Steam Awards."

We'll be very curious to see who Story Kitchen and poncle bring in to write this series, not to mention who might join the show's vocal cast. Stay tuned for further updates as they roll in! In the meantime, we'll be over here playing ... well, you know.