The TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE Game Slashes Its Way Into Homes This August

We're ready to wield that 'saw.

By Scott Wampler · @ScottWamplerRIP · March 16, 2023, 7:49 AM PDT

We've been monitoring the progress on Gun Interactive's The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: The Game for quite some time now, dutifully keeping up with each new development as the multiplayer game (wherein some players take on the role of Leatherface and his various family members, while others take on the role of, uh, lunch meat) has worked its way through production. Now, after many glimpses and teases and updates, we finally know when the game is coming out.

Watch this:

First of all, each new glimpse we get at The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: The Game in action seems to look even better than the previous tease, and the above is one of the most polished yet. Far more important, however, is the release date there at the end of the trailer: August 18th. On that day you will finally get a chance to wield Leatherface's mighty 'Saw (or run screaming from it, if that is your wish), and we couldn't be more excited about it.

Oh, and there's another date offered up at the end of that trailer, one for a "technical test" happening on May 25th. According to the good folks over at Bloody Disgusting, details regarding that technical test are still under wraps, but "there’s a good chance that both PC and consoles will be involved." Chances are, it'll be a timed demo designed to weed out any technical hiccups that Gun Interactive might want to remove before the game's big launch, but we'll find out for sure soon enough.

Nothing further to report on the Texas Chain Saw Massacre game at this time, but have no fear: we'll have any future updates for you just as soon as they pop up on our radar. Stay tuned, folks!