TERRIFIER 3 Teaser Heading To Theaters Next Month

The trailer will play exclusively before return screenings of TERRIFIER 2 - plus fans can nab a free poster!

By Amber T · @hornbloodfire · October 5, 2023, 1:48 PM EDT

Who's ready for another helping of Art crispies? Earlier this year, we heard that Terrifier 2 was headed back to theaters with 'surprises', and now we know that the surprises are an exclusive Terrifier 3 teaser, introduction from creator Damien Leone and an exclusive limited edition poster.

After Terrifier 2's massive success at the box office earlier last year (raking in over $15M off the back of a $250,000 budget), a Terrifier 3 was pretty much a given, and earlier this year the sequel was confirmed, as well as news that it would go forward with a much bigger budget. Just imagine all the mischief Art the clown can get up to with a few million in the bank?!

So, what can we expect from Terrifier 3? It goes without saying, of course, that David Howard Thornton will be returning to reprise his role as everyone's favorite psychotic jester, and FANGORIA Chainsaw Award-winning Final Girl Lauren LaVera will also be returning as Sienna.


And as for the trailer itself? Via Twitter, Leone confirmed that the teaser is not just a quick glimpse of some new Art shenanigans, but a full-blown trailer:

For those of you speculating that the Terrifier 3 teaser is just gonna be some 20 second gimmick, I assure you it’s a legit teaser/trailer, it’s over 2 minutes long, and you’re gonna f****** love it

As if that wasn't exciting enough, on opening night, the first 100 fans at each theater will receive an exclusive Terrifier 3 poster -and Bloody Disgusting advise that as quantities are extremely limited, you're gonna want to get to the theater early so you don't miss out.

Join Cineverse and our friends over at Bloody Disgusting for all these treats in theaters nationwide beginning November 1! Tickets are on sale now wherever movie tickets are sold – Fandango, the official website and Atom Tickets.