Surprise! Godzilla Is Coming To MINECRAFT

The new Godzilla DLC brings the king of the monsters (and some of his friends) to the wildly popular game.

By Ryan Scott · @RyanScottWrites · January 30, 2024, 6:54 PM EST
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Image courtesy of Minecraft

The King of the Monsters is coming to one of the biggest video games of all time. It has been revealed as something of a surprise that Godzilla is the latest subject of DLC for the wildly popular Minecraft. That’s right! The kaiju and quite a few of his pals (and enemies) are becoming blocky, pixelated versions of themselves as part of a new package that includes several different game modes. Check it out.

Even for those who aren’t intimately familiar with Minecraft, this is a pretty fun trailer. It’s cool to see Godzilla and these other Toho monsters in retro form, and it seems like the game was made with a great deal of love. From watching them destroy cities to them duking it out with one another, there is a lot of bank-for-buck going on here. We also have various versions of Godzilla, with everything from the original ‘50s version to Shin Godzilla represented. The DLC will cost 1,510 Minecoins, which is the game’s form of currency. That equates to roughly $10. That’s not all that bad considering that a new AAA game runs about $70 these days. An official description of the DLC reads as follows:

“Created by Japanese studio Team-KYO and Impress, the new Minecraft Godzilla DLC includes four new gameplay modes – all available in multiplayer – including a monster escape mission, a mission to speed build against a monster attack, and more. Players will also have access to a character creator item.”


Other monsters getting in on the fun include King Kong, King Ghidorah, Mothra, Rodan, Destoroyah, Mechagodzilla, Jet Jaguar and Anguirus, among others. Additionally, Toho’s classic Godzilla characters will be joined in the DLC by the group Monarch from Legendary’s Monsterverse franchise. Viewers of Apple’s Monarch: Legacy of Monsters will be intimately familiar with the organization.

Godzilla is having himself quite the moment. Not only is the original 1954 classic celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, but Godzilla Minus One is wrapping up a box office run for the ages, with the film earning the franchise its first-ever Oscar nomination recently. As if that weren’t enough, we’ve got Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire on the way a little later this year which will pick up right where Godzilla vs. Kong left off. It’s a good time to be a fan of giant monster goodness, that much is certain.

The Godzilla DLC is available through or the in-game marketplace.